Call of Juarez - Gunslinger Updated

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Update 1.02

- Quick access to users' profiles is now possible directly from any leaderboard menu
- New game option allows to "de-pimp" legendary weapons' in order to use standard (regular) skins
- Extra directional arrows are now displayed next to action keys during Quick Time Events sequences when played on mouse/keyboard
- Slightly balanced Ranger's possibilities of building score in Arcade mode
- Availability of the hit indicator in True West difficulty mode now depends on "crosshair" setting in the game's options
- Changing game's difficulty during the first mission doesn't affect granting achievements after completing the playthrough on different difficulties - it now counts from the second mission on
- New settings available in video.scr file
- Additional characters in Japanese font allow for better displaying users' nicks on leaderboards

- Fixed potential gameplay block on the mission "Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name"
- Fixed several inconsistencies of the Ranger, Rifle and Sawed-off Rifle animations
- Corrected Ranger's Fast Aim bonus in Arcade Mode
- Fixed problem of restoring the video settings to default values on each launch of the game
- Fixed potential crash on re-launching the game after setting shadows quality to a value unobtainable on given configuration
- Fixed crash when using -safemode command line switch to reset video settings to default values
- Fixed some problems with audio playback, potentially leading to audio blackouts etc.
- Fixed mapping of audio channels on 4.0 quadrophonic output configurations
- Fixed potential crash after using Steam overlay in the leaderboards menu
- Workaround for apparent blocks when game is sent to background during loading
- Fixed some rare scenarios of losing game's window after sending it to background
- Workaround for problems when booting the game on systems that have problems with video playback. Please follow instructions from in case of such problems.
- Minor tweaks and fixes in all localizations.