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hmmm which should i do?

1. Get a new graphics card so that my games dont lag on vista

2. get final fantasy x, x-2, derge of cerberus , XII
Definitely get a new graphics card (and don't upgrade to Vista since it will lag your games).

Obtain the games through other channels
It really depends on which games you like better, if you like the games currently on your pc then get a new graphics card, but if you like the other games then get them. It's mainly your choice though.
I say graphics card and wait a bit for the other games to be 5 dollars. At my ebgames they are very cheap.
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k thanks people, ive decided to get the gfx card
- nvidia 7200 LE hopefully[/b]

It shouldn't be too hard to save up for a 7600.

In fact, even the older 6600GT is better than the 7200/7300 series and they're only around $100USD.
That's a reasonable price. I'll soon be getting a new comp, no point buying a new graphics card.