Counter-Stike source activation


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Hi everyone, I have the GCF of Counter Stike : Source but not cd key ...

Is there a crack that will allow me to make it work?

Thank you for your help


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search the undead crack. It will crack steam and let you know on Cracked Servers. NOT ON VAC SERVERS.


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It did not work then download the game when I want to run steam tells me: servers are saturated try again later


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You don't have the latest files then, you'll need to either
Download a new up to date GCF


Get cftoolbox and make an archive and i can send you an update.


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Sorry if I misunderstood or badly if I write I am French ...

I took a cd then I am installed css it appears in steam but it requires that I purchased ... I Cftoolbox but what do I do?


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Same here:
WTF? First you spammed in another thread, and you told us, that you need a new keygen, because your old account got hijacked and youc ant use it andymore and nwo you post a total useless website....
And somethign to add:
You grabbed out a total old thread who was dead.... YOu just wanted to become a FS Member, how lame....


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No comment! I wont help you. I could but I wont anymore, because you just spam around the forum! Thats really lame!
I know how to help you... And I dont have any of the games... All to lame... Like YOU! AND GOT DAMN EDIT YOUR POSTS AND DONT USE COLOUR!


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all i want are keys and i can get games
just jack a game from wal mart and take the CD key and just put it in your steam account and throw away the cds or keep it if you can