CrimeCraft Updated

* Blow'em Up, new PvP game mode added to the game on 10 maps.
* In Blow'em Up one team's goal is to mine and blow strategic objects while the other team tries to keep them safe.
* Attackers must pick up bombs on their base, bring them to an object and defend them until they explode. Defenders can try to demine the object when it's mined before the explosion.
* There are 3 - 5 strategic objects on a map. There are up to 3 bombs and attackers can try to mine several objects simultaneously.
* Attacking and defending teams are switched half way through a match.

* Now any player can visit an Enhancement Operator NPC to improve their weapons and clothing items.
* Each enhance attempt has four possible outcomes: Upgrade, No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy.
* Players can use special Protection Cards that let them avoid chosen enhancement outcomes. Using Protection Cards consumes them.
* There are separate cards to protect against No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy available on Black Market.
* Chemist crafters can visit the Coin Operator and purchase craft recipes to produce Protection Cards.

* Added over 180 Tarot Cards to the game. Any player can visit the Transmute Operator NPC and try to exchange Tarot Cards in order to produce new cards.
* Players can purchase four basic cards: Earth, Water, Fire and Air for gold coins or gold bars.
* All transmutation recipes for Tarot Cards are hidden, meaning players have to use common sense when guessing possible transmutation recipes. For example, Air and Water, when put into the Transmute Operator window, result in the creation of Rain.
* Players can find recipes, that allow them transmute Tarot Cards into Lucky Lottery Tickets, that contain one epic lottery items inside.

* Pistols balance was changed. All pistols' idle accuracy was improved, but the accuracy suffers more from firing multiple rounds. Pistols damage, rate of fire, range and clip size was re-balanced. In particular, R-Sys Panther Delta damage was increased to 70, up from 25.
* SMGs and Assault Rifles damage and rate of fire was slightly changed to improve the overall balance.
* Hargan Bulldog shotgun range increased to 18 meters, up from 14 meters.
* Hargan Mastiff damage increased to 28 per rocket, up from 25.
* Balanced how weapons durability degrades after a match. Now it's more consistent with weapons rate of fire.
* Reduced the cooldown to change Gang Banners to 1 hour, down from 3 hours.
* Significantly improved all "lobby" Gang Banners bonuses.

* Added new jobs for Blow'em Up game mode, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Added new achievements for Blow'em Up, Core Annihilation and Assault, Capture and Defend game modes, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Now players can get more different rare items from Lottery Tickets.
* Now players will correctly see a weapons attachments when other players link their weapons in the game chat.
* Fixed the issue where Ammo Count set bonus didn't work.
* Fixed exploitable collision issues in Deckard Harbor, Municipality Bank and Center Street Station maps, when players were able to fall behind the level.
* Fixed the players spawn in Maxym Alley Riot when players appear hanging in an air.

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