Css / File server Home network


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Does anyone have a server for home use that runs as a CSS / file server? If so what setup are you using? (Cpu, Mobo) I want to make a server with almost 99% uptime for home use and lots of space, 750gb+. Reliability is a must, plus I have no problem to bulid it myself.

(Ohh the file part of the server is for home use only, if that makes any difference)

But I have a budget of $900.00. Every once in a while i'll want to make a Css server so it need to be powerfull enough to handle that as well.

Thanks in advance for the help:)
I'd reccommend you keep the CSS server away from the file server if you're anticipating high file/disk activity.

Say you use it for torrenting, it's gonna impact performance of CSS in regards to disk writing. Cos the hard disk is probably about the slowest component.