Dell breaking promises over XP, warranty, financing


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Dell is being accused of breaking two promises it has made to customers, pertaining to its continued support of the Microsoft Windows XP platform, next-day repair service, and promotional financing plan. A note from the computer manufacturer's Small Business sales team reveals that its earlier plans to offer Windows XP on machine sales past Microsoft's June 30th deadline are null and void, instead stating that it would cease to offer the operating system past June 30th.

The note reads "Dell offers you the choice that best fits your business. But act fast, because after June 18, Windows XP will no longer be offered on Dell™ laptops and desktops," followed by several links to Dell's Vostro line of computers.

A series of complaints against Dell have resulted in a New York judge concluding that the PC maker engaged in false and deceptive advertising, Yahoo reports. Dell is accused of hiding eligibility criteria for the two programs, a ruling that came from New York State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi.

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