Effects of keygens


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[ame="http://www.metacafe.com/watch/710184/effects_of_keygens_bugmenot_install_to_virtual_layers/"]Effects Of Keygens - Bugmenot - Install To Virtual Layers Video[/ame]

:eek: Good thing I never used one.
Knew they were bad. Didn't know they were that bad.

Not all keygens are like that. For instance: p3ng3l's wouldn't do anything like that.
Most are, it's very rare to find one that doesn't do that shit. But most people here that have been around FS for a long time wouldn't do that. E.G. p3ng3l
I was around for a while actually lol, I was here when cafe accounts actually worked :confused:.

I started posting when you guys were handing out certs. (Although you could call that "new" depending on how you define "new" :p)

And I was around while p3ng3l was posting a lot of stuff.

EDIT: And another thing... I was here when Fenny (I think thats the name of the person) was still around, but he left while FS was upgrading the security so thats not too long ago.