Erix Launcher


Erix920's Launcher! (Cur V3.8.5)

I finally got around to updating this app seeing how it's very useful to me and I decided to add some more things.

  • Hack Loader
  • Auto Connect
  • Game Launcher
  • Steam Settings (Silent, Developer, Language)
  • Easily kill Steam to quickly get a new account!
  • Login to legit accounts not just using FCC
  • Steam Only/Original Settings switch
  • HLSS Autoexec setup
  • GUI for command prompt
  • AppId chooser
  • Steam running check
  • SMD loader
  • Code randomizer

Changelog (Since 3.8):
  • Added code randomizer
  • Cleaned A LOT of code
Thanks for checking out my app ;). When I made this I was trying to find a way to load all my programs up before I started my game. So I thought why not make an app that start FCC, my hack, my game and connect to the IP I wanted to all in one click? After making all that work I realized it's quite frustrating to reenter in all of the information, so I then proceeded to make it auto-save all the data to the registry. Now I have this great robust application sitting on my computer so I thought, hey why not release it?

It's great if your into raging servers. With the kill steam function and auto connect IP function it's so simple to go in, rage, get banned, kill steam, rejoin and rage again ;). It will make you pretty much unstoppable with the help of two amazing programs. So, what are you waiting for?

Remember, you need .Net Framework 3.5!

If anyone wants me to add anything/change anything or fix an error please post!


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Aha, nice work, good to see you around again. I think I accidentally called your mom last night :D


When my phone is in my pocket, it sometimes dials numbers. For some reason it likes to call Erix's house and I sometimes hear his mom say "Hello?" and I'm like whoops! lol. Most of the time I just hang up or whatever. Anyways, nice work, and keep it up!


haha yes that explains it ww3.. but yea if anyone else wants me to add anything I should be able to ;).


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wAIT, Can you launch any game with this, and can it inject dlls to any steam game?


Well only the games I have listed there, I guess I could make a seperate option to put what APPID you want to launch.

And no, you cannot directly inject dlls into a Steam game with my app. You can choose your cheat and run it that's basically it. I don't want to make the program that complex, it's meant to be simple and easy to use (correct me if i'm wrong), who actually knows how to do it anyway?

--I can try adding it if it's REALLY needed.


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hey, i want to ask if i can post this in p3ng3ls board
im a mod there and ive already posted it, but a guy said i was not allowed to do that
(^^i know my english is bad)


Yeah go ahead, just give me the link when your done posting so I can be there for support and to make sure the posted version is the current version.


Ok, so I see what happened... Either I forgot to post my suggestions, or my firefox crashed. My bad bro :D lol. I'll get them to ya again soon.


Ok, so I see what happened... Either I forgot to post my suggestions, or my firefox crashed. My bad bro :D lol. I'll get them to ya again soon.
;), thats why I was confused..

Anyway, new version again. This one has SMD patcher support and many code improvements.


Good job erix :D

Meybe i'll release my launcher recently. Just need to test it, add more simple features and decide with emu should it be. Anyway good to be back here. See some changes.

I have lost my msn.