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Is their anyway to use the same game on another steam account? also, is it only some games you can actually install because ive tried installing some like Portal and it just comes up with the same "Steam is currently too busy to handle your request, please try again in a few minutes" or something like that..? :confused:
Well if the game registred on your other account as well you can use the game on the same computer. But if the steam account dont own the game you cant get around to use it with the steam acc, where the game is registred.
If you have a different account that has the game on it, you should not have any problems running it, be sure to prevent suspicious hacks programs from running before launching into the game itself.
Problem is, im VAC Banned on my MAIN account, which has really pee'd me off. And i thought there might be a way to use another account to play that game

Nope no way. Just cafe accounts, you had to donate 100$ to fs ( might the game is included in cafe program!)!
Otherwise you had to buy the game again for your other account!