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sry people im new here and my english is not the best :D

i searched a lil bit here on this forum but i fond nothing. i used freesteam 1 time but this is a long time ago. and now i searched it again but found older versions. and these versions doesent worked. i searched 4 hours. and now im here. i need a link where i can download the new version of freesteam. i hope it works :D

sry if this thread is in the wrong forum :D

i hope you all can help me
Since your new, I will not be harsh. Freesteam is our sites name. Early in the development of this site cafe accounts still worked and we were able to distribute clients freely to anyone. Tables have turned and now, we really our own material rarely. I suggest going to and look for what you want. They have GCFs for ever game and cracked clients so you can run the games.

Hopefully this helped!
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