FreeSteam problems


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So I used FreeSteam to sign into Steam and I've run across a couple of problems with the games. I installed Half-Life 2 and GMOD10 but when I try to start GMOD it just shows the intro image with the "Loading..." then it closes and a pop up shows saying "Half-life 2 is required to run mods" then an error pop up saying

The instruction at "0x0ffa3e2c" referenced memory at "0x0e33a1a0". The memor could not be "read"

Click OK to terminate the program

The second problem is that I always get the "The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request." when I try to download Source SDK or any other application.

Please help :)
What do you mean freesteam. Do you mean a steam patcher. If so you can't download
directly from steam. You have to download the GCF game files and put them in your
steamapps folder in the steam directory. And you can only play on cracked servers too.
The instruction at "0x0ffa3e2c" referenced memory at "0x0e33a1a0". The memor could not be "read"
This means that your computer can't read a file or there are missing files. You whould have to reinstall the game or download again if that problem is still there.
To be honest, if you're using the freesteam 6.xx client, you're probably wasting your time as of now. You're best off finding an updated cracked version of steam and then use that, or download GCF files and using a launcher instead just to play the games. Unless you're VIP you'll have to settle for cracked versions :)


In answer to your problem, you'll have to download half life 2 I believe in order to have a fully functional Gmod. And... like I said before, get a new steam crack so this is possible OR download the steam GCF files for half life 2 and put them in your steam directory.

Hope this helps!
Ah, thanks guys. Yeah I have Steam-Buster for GMOD but I still needed Source SDK but where do I download GCF files?

EDIT: Nevermind, yay for :D