Freesteams Direction and plans.

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Erm, Am i the only person that realizes that the cafe fix is a complete waste of time?

First it ties up valuable coders that could be used making public apps/cracks that work for longer than a week.
Second its completley pointless every single time freesteam has been able to offer cafe accounts since the cert system was introduced it has been broken by TINY changes in steam internal code almost at THEIR whim.

(I've NEVER had anything to do with the FS cafe project coding btw fyi ftw .)

I was with freesteam last time the cafes worked. It was awesome, everyone had fun but those days are OVER. Theres no point. Thats VALVEs turf like it or not. They let you play on it for a while then they changed their minds... Cracked servers are our turf. That why cracked servers have about 100% efficency and cafes have had at best 30%..
wow! 1 weeks legal play in 3 months....pointless.

Its not even a case of just hang in there its on its way.
It may never come and there almost no chance it'll be here longer than a week when it does.

I think freesteam should SERIOUSLY reconsider that as your primary method of providing VIPs with some thing special. Personally, in my world, all would be equal BUT cash HAS changed hands so good moral consience suggests that since the cafe fix is, well meh, we should try offering something more substantial to vips than promises.

The jig is up and this WHOLE forum needs to wake up, get over it and move on.

Cafes Dead. Some honesty would be nice for the funeral cos this self dillusionment is just ticking away the clock on your vip...or life .lol.
In some ways your putting a downer on people. But to be a bit upbeat about things, maybe another project might arise and another golden age in the fsteam community will start? :)

Either way if cafe is dead or not, it might be useful to work on something that you know is going to be more successful.
Well, suposing we blame valve for ramping the protection to a silly level, leave it and move on. theoreticly.
What that would you like to see replace it? for vips i mean.
The best answer would come from the VIP's themselves. It would be easier if you ask them what they actually want, instead of giving them something they might not like.

Personally if i was a VIP i'd like easy access to a private, secure network of files. Anything, anytime, anywhere. 100% uptime with the best connection. Sounds hard but nothing is impossible.

Not really echo im just saying we have to be realistic because constant promises as people watch the time on there vip tick away is just gonna cause resentment. Thats not good in a gaming community.

There may have been a new golden age 2 months ago but well it didnt happen and frankly i think its you thats deluding yourself now. You know in your heart of hearts that the longest we can provide cafe steam for is approx 1-2 week before valve snap it. yet again.
It was a good founder for the board and it help create a community out of almost nothing. But when shit got tougher we held firm and added vip to help limit the speed that valve broke the fix - That was a mistake.

We kept the cafe for a little longer at the expence of everyone that couldnt afford vip. It worked against us because we created a "them and us" attitude on the board. It still exists today. Where lvl5 is better that lvl3 etc. Its bullshit and it splits us up and the CAFE FIXES AREN'T WORTH THAT.

The cafe fix may yet come...I doubt it will be useful for long, that why i say we need to provide something a bit special for those that went a bit further to support the board..
mmn k.

Not sure id be happy with that response if id handed over shitloads of cash to you for something you didn't deliver.
But like you say not my problem.

Rix i did say if cafe is dead then it would be a good idea to find something more successful which is why you asked me "like what". But then your last post then was going back to cafe?

I'll say it again then, if cafe is dead, something more successful needs to be found....
mmn k.

Not sure id be happy with that response if id handed over shitloads of cash to you for something you didn't deliver.
But like you say not my problem.

maybe you should look who posted above your 2nd last post :p Then you'll see why i'm lolling
All im saying is that
"I doubt that freesteam is gonna give up on the dream on cafe accounts."
- Fair enough i understand the reasons for that.

But since VIP submissions are closed, we are now dealing with a select closed group of people that have payed for something that alot of the time they are just not going to get.

The positive side of closing vips (and i applaud you for it.) is that now this group of vips can form into some kind of cohesive voice and speak as one to tell you
"Well we dont actually mind too much if the cafes break alot because you provide us with an awesome cracked server 24/7."
- or -
"I dont really mind when the cafe is down because fs open a private ftp where im allowed to get my files really fast without messing about with rapidshare."

Basicly I just dont think that I can say with a straight face to someone with VIP "yeah, Your getting a great Deal". And I want to. And they want me to, i suspect.

And echo I know you are on my msn but i felt this convo had to take place in public because a lack of communication is what pissed off -not important , echo knows - and i see it ALL the time with the vip's.

Incase you are wondering where my loyalties lie and if im just trying to stir up shit for you and yours.. you already know i have big props for you.
And after speaking to w3 said last nite i signed up to bring out FSAuto 2 for freesteam.
good to hear that FSAuto is making a return. As for private FTP it may be a possibility. The cracked server is a good idea but where do we get the server from ? US EU AUS?
What you really need is to meet half way. Have more than one project at the same time. Carry on with the cafe but also work on something new that is bound to be successful.

Like you said Rix, now you have the select VIP's you can find out what they actually want.
well said Rix, im 100% behind you. i paid almost a weeks wages to get this level 5 status, and nothing but broken promises. But what do the admins do, they go create more sites without giving us what we pad for (we had the faith to pay). To be honest i dont think its a bad idea to give everyone who paid life time the chance of either a major cut on the price of Epichacks for life and i mean a MAJOR cut or give it us free. Its only fair. I will stay with the fs community because i have faith, but trust me im losing it slowly.
I dunno mate, ask 'em. :)

Just give them a little extra to show that actually you do care about the fact that they cant get w/e game... or play on whatever server.

That you are trying to provide something special just for them, cos remember when alot of them signed up cafe account were "forever" and (through not fault of yours, i know) thats no longer the case.
Look the biggest thing here is that 90% of the people that have vip I guess once they understood that "long term cafe use" wasnt an option anymore would settle for an alternate option that wouldnt too difficult to provide.

I just wanna see all the vips happy since they make up the core of the forum and i dont want vip to be an issue any longer in terms of cafe accounts.

I would normally suggest some kind of public (vip) vote or something but every user is going to be different in what they want. So maybe just a thread explaining that these are option to show that you are concerned about the fact vac2 is unavailable and have them 'chat it out' and decide what the best alternative is for them. An arrangement for every member should not be too difficult.

The point is if you are straight up with them echo they will respect you alot more than if you say "next week" when you dont know when it will happen.
It shows trust.and they may even grant you some flexability based on that trust because i know a lot are loyal members no-matter-what, but a few are, well, plenty pissed...
Hows about the VIP's all pm with what they want first. Then once thats done the work can start from there?
Officially the stupidest avatar joke ever.. Why would you CLONE an admins avatar .?

Anyways everything i said, i meant.
I might not have said it to the write person cos i dont normally read names when theres
a big whopping Nvidia logo to indicaqte a person. Normally. But there you go.... :D I said it. :p
as i said im loyal, but you can only test someones patience so far , these promises arnt worth the time reading.
I Dont want the ability to being able to bypass VAC 2, that dont interest me so thats a start. what i want is for once the TRUTH from fs admins, like you said rix, i would respect them more for telling me its not ging to happen then we can get on and think of some other things. I'm not going to waste my scarse time for nothing.
Rix i didn't clone an avatar, being a junior member i cannot set an avatar myself only an admin can do that for me. ;)
I just re-read that thread and it sounds totally different to the one i remember. lol

Anyway accidents will happen but im glad echo got enough of the gist to take action and start to remedy or at least ease this situation.

Thats why your tits. :D (tits=good)
wow a lot of changes here... i had a problemz with my password reset and wasted a day... i see my coder status is gone and i have windows reinstallation so.. let's start from the beggining ;)

Rix i totally agree with you. Personally i think we should just come up with a better plan such as dealing with packets, building lots of cracked servers so ppl that actually want to use steam for free can or we could all put our minds together an hopefully come up with a new idea an get a super leet team of coders together to make the crack.
I was actually thinking of starting 2 U.S. West & East Servers for Users to play on.
Well V.I.P should have all open source codes of everything you guys have built. So 1 it could teach people what you did and make them wanna help and join you. And 2 so your actually giving them something in V.I.P?
Yeah, I am consdidering where to buy them from and getting a Set-up for the crack..

I was actually thinking 1 CS 1.6 in Texas and 1 CS:S in Texas, so everyone around the U.S / CAN / MEX get a good ping. It will be a good network so will be even better :D

However, for the what I want to do, I may have to run it in L.A.
1000 ? ww3 is again "planning" to run just 1 server ! not 1000 of them :D
and he is just "planning", it doesn't mean for sure
It means now that paypal has given me a $1,000 I may just do it :D But first! I need a new computer :p
It's not the server (hardware) cost that will kill him.

It's going to be the bandwidth/speed of the line that the server needs to run off of that will.

If hes running two servers with like 32 player maxes running 24/7 (another problem if there is a power or hardware failure) he's going to eat up bandwidth like hell. A good ISP costs money.

Not to mention that it would be a server that is servicing illegal clients which, if it becomes popular to this community, the people over at Valve might want to send a cease and desist to the ISP and get him shut down.

Oh and Hi, I'm new here.
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