GCF Link Grabber

maybe they should update this... could be so cool.. so prototype and fallout 3 and every new game was in the link grabber could be SOOOO good...
Hi, I just stumble upon this post.

This is old version and it has auto update feature that trying to connect to the server that is no longer existed. As you can see in title bar when launching this tools.

This is new version which autoupdate feature has been removed: New Version <All credits for the download links go to cs.rin.ru users.>
Feel free to update the link. I include the editor in this package.

skyhigh3kun said:
thank you i am new to this and may i ask what does GCF do??
GCF files just like your harddisk which contain games but in file format OR gcf files is like zip/rar files. You can view what inside GCF files using Nem's tools like GCF Scape or other tools, or by using my WinRAR GCF plugin
Both old version and new version works. But Im not recommend to use the old version as its trying to connect to server (which is no longer exists, and if its exists the server owner will wonder why too many file not found in logfile).
Can somone send my a actually GOOD link? You know, no paying, etc. since it is.. FREE steam...btw, most links ehre don't work and if they do they are just links that lead to more links.
The link posted here does work? Don't complain about a free service if you can't move your hand to click the report post button. Another 13 year old..