got paid


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Just got paid today, I know it's not anything much, but this is with VERY little work I got this much. I probably put in at tops 20 minutes.

Theres the link.

This is a PTR email site. First register, Then Add all of your stuff, I would make sure to actually look at your interests before just clicking them all theres a bunch of interests that you aren't saposed to click.

I would recommend sending all the mail to your site inbox, becuase if not it would take up your whole mailbox everyday! Over 200 emails daily.

To start off click on Paid2Click on the menu, and click all of the high paying links. ( High paying on this site is anything above $.0025 )
A penny is like amazing :) Yeah it ads up slow, but with referrals and just some preserverance you will get some money.

THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SITE BY ANY MEANS, this site will NOT make you rich.

Then after you have done all of the click links ( there are many places for this ) Try to win Hangman, Then Try to win contests PTC which are very hard to win, but you get 10 Cents if you win.

If you are all out of links and the Contest PTC is at like 200+ clicks. I would say click on one of the contest PTC ads, Then wait for the 10 seconds to be done, then click on the banner that is at the right of the top frame, It normally pays $0.0018 Which when you click a bunch of those every 10 seconds it ads up :). Theres my 14 Cents Have some fun I'll reply to this everytime I get paid.

ediT: Forgot to say one thing about hangman, Only try hangman twice a day or else even if you win you won't get the bonus from winning
Some people have asked me how to sign up. TO sign up go to my link, Then on the left hand side where it says Site Menu Go down to signup.