Greed: Black Border Update Released

A new update for Greed: Black Border has been released today on Steam.

Update notes:

  • New: multiplayer internet match making implemented via Game Ranger
  • New: key bindings to execute skill directly
  • New: HUD with multiplayer health status
  • Fix: equipping items in the trade screen is now possible
  • Fix: invalid level list after finishing the "DIE HARD" mode
  • Fix: Plasma healing skill can now heal Marine and Pyro
  • Fix: enabled "continue" button in the main menuTuning: dodge speed increased

How to bind keys to skills:
  1. Enter the in-game option menu, and choose your skill execution shortcut keys, example or .
  2. Hover your mouse over a skill icon and press the selected shortcut key. They key's name will show up on the icon.During the game press the selected shortcut key to execute the skill immediately.