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Uhm, why haylo thar, eye'm Dementei, dah prawnzorz or mastererz fo realz d00d. Sooo uhm, ja, WW3 prawnz too'z ja? Ja. All whom deny, du bist schwul2you my friend. Germanian Malaysianz r teh be5t. und stuffz. Ohkay uhm. Ja, just sayin hye and eye'm glad to be back, thars meny postz and threadz liek fo realz itza craza ja. rawfullmao. Well des foruhmz prawn. kkewlthxundbai.
OMG! What a realllly bad english!!!! Dont mix German and english! OMG! 1. I thought what for a shit language is that?
Google translate from Nublet to English said:
um, why hello there, I'm Dementei, the pwner or master for real, dude. Soo, um, yeah, WW3 pwns too eh? Yeah. All whom deny, "You are gay" to you my friend. German-Malaysians r the best, and stuff. Okay umm. Yeah, just saying hey and I'm glad to be back, there's many posts and threads like for reals it's crazy, yeah. ROFLMAO. Well this forums pwn. k-kewl-thx-and-bai.
Wow, i can speak a bit of german but wow i dont know what the hell that was anyway thanks for the translation Bleak hahahaha.
Welcome XxDementeixX.
Alright, shure. Uhm, das may be alittle hard to accomplish, for you see I iz prawnerer of mastererz so may be just a bit tough to do so. Lol jking, I can talk normal. Fo shurez. :)
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