Hamachi Hack?


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hello I have heard that you can use hamachi to bypass the VAC2 Servers and play on steam servers when your account is banned. Can somone tell me is this possible and how to do it. This is what i remember (the instructions)
1. install hamachi and make network
2. connect to your own network or an existing network
3. launch CSS with steam with a banned account
4. when you are connecting to a server copy the IP adress
5. after it says you cannot join then open console and type in connect <then the Ip adress here>
like this connect
i have tried it and it made me join the server but then after 1sec i got banned again.
I thought ur cracking this prog here... :) and yes hamachi is good program tho....

and I think there's no possible way to bypass vac2 with it.. or maybe there was one..

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