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Discussion in 'The Chat' started by molevolant, March 13, 2010.

  1. molevolant

    molevolant New Member

    Hi, i just found out about this free game site and I need a tutorial on how to make all this stuff possible for me... Do i need steam for this stuff? or is there a program i need? please assist me with this problem
  2. PsychoGamer

    PsychoGamer FreeSteam Member

    ok ,yes you need Steam for this,
    Firts download Steam:
    then download SteamupŠŽ(Steamup is a very easy to use steam patcher)
    then launch SteamupŠŽ and in the games tab you will be able to see a long list of games,some of those games will be posible to download just by clicking it(Hl2,HL,etc)
    in the others case you will need to download the GCF/NCF needed for the game

    if you need anything else just ask me
  3. molevolant

    molevolant New Member

    Ok, i downloaded steamup and when i used the launcher i dont see the list of games in the section?
  4. nimkal

    nimkal FS Member

    the thing I do is... all multiplayer games I buy them on steam.. otherwise singleplayer games I just download them cracked

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