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I have ******** since 1 hour and donґt know anything about it!
I have the Version from 3 09 07 - and when I klick Update he say "cannot download (DONT KNOW).xhtml" or something like that!

Ok - I Start the ******** Luncher, a DOS Windows appears an in it stand

"=== PacCafe luncher by Near ==="

"Press some button..."

I do and STEAM LogIn appeas with some UserName in - but I create a new...
OK! Create a new and LogIn works - yeah :D

Now Iґm in Steam and go to MyGames - WoW more than 100000000000000 Games are in :)
I choose GTA: Vice City and klick install - he load.... "STEAM Server are overload please try again later"...
OK - try another game - and again he says try again later!

It comes everytime - ok now how to download the Games?
I read something about CFGґs? But I dont want to download the fuck games at Rapidshare - I want to download it in STEAM!

Thank you for helping!



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we don't support that shit crack here...

and you can't download most games with a cracked client. You gotta download the GCF's and NCF's and shit and then you can only play on cracked servers... not VAC ones
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