help pls!!!

From anyone :confused: lol! I didnt hacked your account. Send Steam your d key and they reset your account. or buy cafe access....
Or buy a new account for 10$ with CSS
nope even better, its an old account i used to use, BUT, it has very special l33t powers, you can hack css alll you want but you WILL not get banned.
I know and tbh i thought you would of got the idea by now that nobody is going to give ANYONE a CSS account to a user who had 1 post when requesting. The likelyness of you chaging the password and scamming is pretty high in anybodys view right now.
if I would get any right I would give you a warning or a ban... Arg how I hate scammers... Get away of the forum... Or buy a CSS account, little children, who got NO money!!! Ask your parents!
lol Fo ral.

Admin, please close this thread.
1. it is useless and pls warn XxDementeixX for spamming with pictures, which dont have something to do with this thread...
users like XxDementeixX are destroying our community ;).