Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by Cheezeyninja, March 22, 2008.

  1. Cheezeyninja

    Cheezeyninja FS Member

    Every time I try to install a new game on to steam, i get an error saying "The servers are to busy try again'. ( I am using the UnDead Patch 3.3) Please Help!
  2. well u can't download all games through cracked steam...u may need the updated gcfs....if u don't know what else to do check this out
  3. Daniel3131

    Daniel3131 New Member

    yep you will need Cfgs to install games
  4. DaHacker

    DaHacker New Member

    Where can i get cfgs? ( I need Cs 1.6 Cfgs
  5. qwertyuio989

    qwertyuio989 FS Member

    i dont know but I DO HAVE CSS gfcs and pritty much everything... i've been playing CSS for years and i got like all the downloads :p

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