[HL1] 04.14.08 Half-Life 1 Engine Update Released

[HL1] 04.14.08 Half-Life 1 Engine Update Released
Due to todays update:
Updates to Half-Life 1 Engine have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Half-Life 1 Engine

* Prevented various cvar exploits

If your cheat is not working update the Counter-Strike Offsets. For more information on the latest offsets...

Jan 09, 2008
pEngFuncs: 0x01EC9A80
pEngStudio: 0x01EE5A58
pPlayerMove: 0x02D7E6A0
Studio Interface: 0x01EE5BIC
Sound: 0x1DA0E40
LTFXSpeed: 0x282c820
LTFXSound: 0x209d7a8
Slots/Location: 0x1ec9c98
Slots ptr: 0x1a1bd40
pNetApi: 0x01EF1458
pUserCmd: 0x02F0B3E8
pParams: 0x012F9E0
Exporttable: 0x2f8ff40

April 14, 2008

pPlayerMove : 0x02D5A020
pEngStudio : 0x01EBEFD0
pEngFuncs : 0x01EA2B00
StudioInt : 0x001EBF094
SlotsPtr : 0x001EA2D18
dwInitPoint: 0x0190DFF5
pStudioRenderModel: 0x019CC8F8
StudioRenderFinal: 0x01969A80
pS_DynamicSound: 0x01DA3370
dwClientBase: 0x02F6B8C0
GlobalTime : 0x028081A0
pVoiceTweak: 0x01ECAD30
pWavSpeed: 0x01E7C7A0
pDemoAPI: 0x01EA3B20
pEfxAPI: 0x01EBEB90
pEventAPI: 0x01EAD358
pNetAPI: 0x01EB8FE8
pTriAPI: 0x01EBF288
ExportTable: 2F6B8C0