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Discussion in 'Tools + Resources' started by nalsi, April 13, 2010.

  1. nalsi

    nalsi FS Member

    [Release] HLDS Update Tool GUI [Release]

    HLDS Update Tool GUI

    Verify all HLDS Update Tool files.
    Install/Update a game server.
    Update HLDS Update Tool itself.

    Supported games:
    -- Source Games --
    Age of Chivalry
    Counter-Strike Source
    Day of Defeat Source
    Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
    Garrys Mod
    Left 4 Dead
    Team Fortress 2
    Zombie Panic Source
    -- Source Games --

    -- GoldSource Games --
    Counter-Strike Condition Zero
    Deathmatch Classic
    Day of Defeat
    Opposing Force
    Team Fortress Classic
    -- GoldSource Games --

    -- Third Party Games --
    Dark Messiah
    Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45
    The Ship
    SiN 1
    ThreadSpace Hyperbol
    -- Third Party Games --

    Download setup(with HLDS Update Tool)
    Download standalone
    Download source
  2. Jake

    Jake Full Member

    This is a very nice find, thanks.
  3. nalsi

    nalsi FS Member

    You're welcome
  4. CptGemini

    CptGemini New Member

    Have been looking around for months for this and none of your links are working. They have all been removed. Is it possible you can send it to me via email?
    EDIT: nvm, one of the hosts still had the file but the most of them removed it.
  5. nalsi

    nalsi FS Member

    Okay, gonna update the links.
    EDIT: Fixed the links
  6. madhacker1337

    madhacker1337 New Member

  7. nalsi

    nalsi FS Member

    No problem, altough, I've abonded this program and started a new version from scratch.
    Which I will call DediGUI, what it stands for is obvious.

    For now I have planned:
    * The basic installer/updater.
    * A server starter
    * A mod/addon installer
    Mods are from the beginning gonna be hosted at Dropbox as that's easy for everyone to use. If I get enough donations after some time, I will rent a web/file hosting service just for this purpose.
    Any other features you guys want?

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