How to use UnDeathPatch ??


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Where i muste paste the UnDeathPatch ??? D:\Programme\Steam ?? D:\Programme\Steam\steamapps ?? And what i must do to download and install the games ?? I found one treahd about Undeathpatch but it don,t help me . Please help me !!
you put undeathpatch on your steam folder.At this moment, you stop your steam (is is it open) and you lunch the undeaptch, for find your steam.dll. :)
Ok i must go offline with Steam and launch Steam with Undeathpatch ?? Undeathpacht must found the steam.dll ?? ok i try .
np, and yes , for a lot of them(i think not for cs hl2dm, cs1.6, cz, gmod10 and maybe other :NO), but for other you will have to download them GCF's. :S
Is it normally that the friendslist where offline when i,m use Undeathpatch ?? Or is the steamservice offline also steamfriendslist ??