I need help setting up gmod.

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by jeno, June 18, 2010.

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    I thought i asked this question a while back but i never really got anywhere with it and cant seem to find the original post.

    All i want to do is get this damn gmod set up,i would really appreciate some assistance.Basically,im confused more than anything and i really dont understand shit about how all this works but all i need is for someone to help me find out what files i need and where to put them.If theres a simple and to the point tutorial telling me how to do it,that would be great.

    Anyway,i got got this pc from a friend and it had Half Life 2 already on it,Its set up like a normal game in that it doesnt have any NCF/GCF files(it does have some .cf2 and .cf5 files for the installation).This is what my steamapps folder looks like.Im probably doing it wrong but i have gmod9 installed in the steam folder,and when using steamup,both the Source SDK Base 2006 and gmod9 are shown as ready to play but with gmod it says its a non steam game or shortcut.When launch it and try to start a SP game with it wont do anything,same thing with the mod manager but it does let me search for servers and load a game but thats it.When i try to launch the source sdk it gets to the loading menu then crashes telling me Half Life 2 is required to run mods.

    Im guessing i need to make gmod non steam or make steam think i have the steam version of HL2 but i dont know how.Ive tried to read around and understand the shit but i just get more confused on what i need to be doing.

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