I need some1's help


[ Respected ]
I need some1 who knows about gaming servers, particularly CS 1.6. That has set 1 up before, and knows what to do to make it a cracked server. I can get all legit files and I have full access to the server. The person who helps will get admin access on our new cracked server.

Again, experience + knowledge required.
Actually it is not too hard to do it by yourself. I've done it for CS: Source about 15 months ago, all you have to do is shut down the server, find the patching files and replace with it. Restart the server, the server should be cracked. Again, my brain's a bit rusty, i'll pm you the link.
night for 1.6

hook me up w/ a good config.

I can set it at 500FPS np.

Msn, please get me instructs asap. I just didn't want to do much myself, I just need a quick breakdown.
k msg me your msn. i have a booster.cfg :eek:. and depends. if you have linux the server will be much better. linux can run 1000 fps. windows can only run the highest 550. but basicly 500 fps. just send me your msn lol