I wanna play a server which i got banned


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I got banned from my favorite server. I tried to change my steamid so I can play my favorite server. Unfortunetly, it doesn't work for me so I used star steam and tried to change my steamid but it still doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me that how can I play a server which i got banned
LoL... why'd you get banned? Hacking? Just to let you know... Using your legit account with Star-Steam is probably the worst thing you could do. If steams detected you used it with that program, there's a big chance that soon (maybe a few weeks) your legit account will be banned/deactivated... Heed this warning for the future!
I didn't use any hacks but I am little bit better than them. They just banned me without saying something.

I think they just banned my steamid. I could join the server with other steamid. But all of my steamid got banned. I tried to change my steamid with "Cheat Engine". My steamids didn't change
You won't be able to change your steamid with cheat engine. If you remember what the server's name/host was, see if they have a forum and request to be unbanned. If you did nothing wrong they should have no reason to not let you back in.
Plain and simple either:

Option #1: IP Ban - Change your IP Address
Option #2: SteamID Ban - Use another account

Check your console for more info and if possible the servers website to appeal ban.