If you didnt hear...

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maddoxx hacked into the steam servers... stole all their CCs and the whole cafe client directory.

That includes the Cert and whatnot... the whole cafe system

plus he released their bank statement... 9 million
You can't, well not easily, i've have been trying. There is a very important file needed. If you don't have that file you have to hand edit every script.

I've came close into getting it working... Just an error..
yea...might just be for vista. But the cert has to come from a certain source to validate I guess... I tried runnign it off my own apache server but it didnt seem to work either.

Wouldnt be too hard to reverse engineer for a coder, at least we have a good portion of the information in our hands now

error : 0 or certificate failed
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I will give a full report tomorrow.
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