I'm back :-O

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Hey everyone, it's been quite a while but yes i'm back. I used to be an admin around here.

Anyway, it's nice to see that FS is still up and running!
Has it been? I count about 2 months.

Only 2 months? hum.. maybe im drink or something heh but i dont remember you so active 2 months ago, i dont know for me the time go so fast so maybe im wrong anyway 2 months or 20 years wellcomeback.
Haha thanks. What's your position here Ganan?
My position basically is help with anything i can, help ww3 with the PN and others things, helping users with their questions, contribute with some uploads, u know, not so much, but with all i can.
You can see my posts. 102 post, 8x of them infomative or releases, and the others a little spam how this 3 post heh.
Not open for further replies.