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    We're shipping a quick update to clean up some of the confusion around the 119th Update badges. We initially chose to calculate which badge to give players based on the beta release of TF2, because that was the date that customers could first play TF2. This turns out to have been a mistake, largely because many players did the math and thought they were getting something other than what they ended up with. So to remove that confusion, this new update moves that date forward to the official retail release of TF2, the 10th October 2007, and reissues updated badges to anyone who would be affected by that date shift.


    We also felt it was still important to reward those who were there on the first moment TF2 went live, and helped us by beta testing prior to release. So we've added a new "Primeval Warrior" badge, which will replace the badge of anyone who purchased TF2 prior to the official release date.

    On a quick side note, we've been having fun watching QuickActionTF2's movies, which inspired Community Fortress's Moments of Glory. If you haven't seen the , it's worth it just for knoxxx's awesome move. It's also a great way to brush up on your french.

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