Insurgency Product Update

Here is a small update for you guys.

New Content
Added new official map: Buhriz.
Updated Contact (Insurgent spawn area and lighting).
New sounds for M16, AKM and M9.

Gameplay Changes
Push rounds now starts with 8 minutes, 10 waves for attackers and 20 waves for defenders. When the attacking team captures a point, the round timer is extended 4 minutes and the attacking team receives an additional 5 waves.
In Push the defending team can now block a capture with a single person in the capture zone. This mechanic is currently only applied to Push, but can be extended to other modes if desired.
Added pre-owned capture points back into Firefight (A and C) after noticing that with the new system people would wait to capture the first point until their team desired a respawn, which has encouraged an unintended level of "gameyness" to the mode.
Skirmish now has a 15 minute round timer instead of 10 minutes.

Bug Fixes
Improved the player ShouldDraw function, hopefully addressing what was causing the invisible player bug. This will require some testing so please provide us with feedback whether this appears fixed or not.
Changed some of the animation code around so player abilities can override the main activity. Switched the slide animations to this system which should make them more reliable and reduce instances of the slide pose bug people have noticed.
Refined observer code to potentially fix a bug where players' first person weapons were being replaced with the wrong viewmodel.
Fixed a bug where the name of a map would not properly refresh on the scoreboard, sometimes saying that the current map is a different map than it actually is.
Fixed a bug where when teams were swapped you would get a supply refund for your grenade but not actually have the grenade taken away from you, so in actuality you were getting an extra supply.
Made sure supply refund on team switch clears the item out of both team's item banks just in case teams are shuffled and you end up on the same team.

A few of the issues including the invisible player bug, the slide animation issue, and the weapon viewmodel being replaced with the wrong weapon, all need further testing. Let us know the status of these issues as you play.

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