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is there a way to use a gcf withought updating it?

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by Qbeck, January 15, 2008.

  1. Qbeck

    Qbeck FS Member

    i have Tf2 and theres like 1000,000 updates and i dont know how to do anyhting with Cftoolbox i think i mananged to update something-i'm not sure but is there a way i can just download something without doing any patches?
  2. skoop_steam

    skoop_steam New Member

    you can just use star-steam Link or SteamEmu Link or p3ng3l steam launcher 0.4.1 Link or just use a emulator like Tiny Launcher 2.11 Link or steam buster Link, emulator's don't have to update the gcf's, i don't know about undeathpatch support TF2
  3. Qbeck

    Qbeck FS Member

    cool start-steam worked
  4. nono101

    nono101 New Member

    i don't understand russian do you have an other link for star steam ? please

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