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Discussion in 'Computers & Servers' started by Dj_Asim, May 19, 2008.

  1. Dj_Asim

    Dj_Asim Full Member

    hi all.

    just asking u guys why im lagging with cs on my laptop ( i use wireless ).

    this is my settings (server) :

    Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo T5250 (1.5 GHz)
    -- Memory: 2GB DDR2 667MHz (2x1024MB)
    -- Hard Drive: 200GB S-ATA (5400rpm)
    -- DVD burner with support for Dual-Layer
    -- 15.4 "WXGA Fine Bright (Glare) 1280x800
    -- Graphics: Nvidia Gforce 8400
    -- WLAN a / g, 1.3 MP Webcam ( not sure )

    -- Color: Black (Curl-fit)!
    -- Weight: 2.7 kg
    -- Windows Vista Home Premium

    its most like this.. so can u see the problem of why i lagg ? .. its not lagg like 1 pic in 2 sec lol i mean just ... small laggs in bigg maps like surf_ski_2 .
  2. try disabling all active virus/spyware protectors and only have steam running
  3. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    Which game? CS 1.6 or CSS? You host your "server" on your laptop?
    Who laggs? Your friends also?
  4. flv1333

    flv1333 FS Member

    Your problem is Vista, I Have the exact same laptop, and the same problems, I got rid of Vista and put in XP pro, now im getting fluid fps's. ;)
  5. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    If you haven't upgraded to SP1 yet do it now. that can easily handle CSS.
  6. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    I believe you would benefit from changing to XP pro purely because Vista would be sucking the life out of that processor and graphics card.

    CSS and CS would run fine with either OS, however, you would probably get the biggest gain and more fluid fps going with XP. Your choice :).
  7. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    It's your wireless/vista I just bought a laptop similar specs:

    Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo T5250 (2.0 GHz)
    -- Memory: 2GB DDR2 667MHz (2x1024MB)
    -- Hard Drive: 250GB S-ATA (5400rpm)
    -- DVD burner with support for Dual-Layer
    -- 15.4 "WXGA 1280x800
    -- Graphics: Nvidia Gforce 8400M G
    -- WLAN a / g, 1.3 MP Webcam
    -- Windows Vista Home Premium (downgraded to xp/linux/hackintosh)

    Basically it really depends on the OS/ISP.

    Runs 1.6/CSS fine
  8. flv1333

    flv1333 FS Member

    Its funny how shit works, you have to downgrade to get something faster. How sad. <= on M$ point.:(
  9. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

  10. ilikepepsi

    ilikepepsi FS Member

    Go into your BIOS
    Disable "Speed Stepping"
    That fucked with my processor and made mt T7300 2GHz Core2Duo run ad 533 MHz
  11. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Wow, gotta love all these great companies and their crazy ideas! lol
  12. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    If you research speed stepping you would know it slows down your processor when it's not being used to save power. Load a game then measure it.
  13. willdill42

    willdill42 New Member

    yep i got the same problem with the same computer also =[
  14. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    The CPU is too slow for hosting server
    and hosting server on lappy is a really bad idea
  15. TwistedFate

    TwistedFate Respected

    it seems like that would be enough but if its just sudden lag spykes then its wireless internet trust me i know >_<
  16. vilemeister

    vilemeister FS Member

    Check you power saving. Mine did this, changed to high performance from max battery and fixed. Maybe a bit simple, but worth checking
  17. hot_wired13

    hot_wired13 FS Member

    8400 has a few variants. the M and the M GTS is pretty much crappy.
    If it's the MGT then it's sweet :)

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