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Lockerz.com - How much are the prizes worth?

Discussion in 'Money Making!' started by yunike, April 10, 2010.

  1. yunike

    yunike New Member

    Hi, I'm new here, I noticed that some of you are on Lockerz.com.

    I was putting together a spreadsheet with the PTZ to dollars ratio, so I will share it with you guys:


    You can contribute if you have a google or gmail account, I haven't looked up all of the prizes - there are HEAPS of games.
    (Please use non-discounted price, RRP when possible)

    Enjoy!! :D

    If you don't know what Lockerz is: you earn points by watching videos, answering questions and inviting people - you can earn PS3/Wii/DS games, consoles, Macbooks etc

    Looking for an invite? PM me or email me unique.o_o.copy[at]hotmail.com with your email address.
    Best time to join is now, double points earning ends tomorrow!
  2. pjforum

    pjforum New Member

    please give me ONE ?

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