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Downloads and Fixes are at the bottom of this post.
Addons are in the second post.
Make sure you read the INSTALLATION section below!


The MiSteamSuite comprises of a set of tools to help you take control over your Steam experience.

The tools share a common library that allows for fast and efficient maintenance of sourcecode across the entire suite, particularly the more complex aspects of Steam like cache and blob file processing.

The MiSteamSuite has been designed in such a way that you can use any of the tools either together or as a single application.


This suite of tools was only possible with code, concepts, help and documentation from the following people:


Special recognition goes out to the following people for quality testing, along with actively developing new concepts, ideas and configurations for MiSteamSuite:


Thanks go out to all the following for allowing use of their emulators or plugins within MiSteamSuite:



MiSteamSuite is written entirely in C# and as such requires the Microsoft .NET framework v3.5 or later.


1) Download and install Microsoft .NET framework v3.5 or later. (if you do not already have it)
2) Create a folder anywhere on your system to store the MiSteamSuite. (we recommend a MiSteamSuite folder)
3) Download and unpack MiSteamTools into your MiSteamSuite folder.
4) Download and unpack any other MiSteamSuite programs that you wish to use into your MiSteamSuite folder.
5) Run the programs and enjoy!


Documentation and FAQs can be found throughout the MiSteamSuite folder structure, please read them if you have any issues.

Suite Programs

Allows you to use Valve's Steam client exactly how you want.
You can pick which subscriptions you want Steam to use per user.
You can force Steam into offline mode.
You can hot load users directly from MiSteam, removing the need to log in and out of Steam.
You can configure cd keys per application to be applied prior to launching Steam.
Steam itself remains unaltered and its files are not patched in any way shape or form. Only your user account subscription record is modified.

Allows you to browse the most common CDR (Content Description Record) application data quickly and efficiently.
Search for applications, and learn their AppIDs and installation folders.
View which cache files are required, which are optional and their encryption keys.
View all the available launch options and their command lines.
View all the the user defined records including registry entries, store pages, icon references, installation scripts and much more.

Formerely part of GCFPrep (now deprecated).
Allows you to prepare Steam content for offline or LAN use.
Supports GCF and NCF content preparation.
Highly programmable, allowing you to customise your content prior to use.
Supports CDKey registration and VDf parsing for registry setup and support program launching (e.g. DXInstaller, Component registrations, PhysX installations etc)
Steam itself is not used, and you do not require an internet connection to run singleplayer or multiplayer across a LAN.

Formerely part of GCFSync (now deprecated) and GCFPrep 1.7 (now deprecated).
Allows you to keep both GCF and NCF Steam cache files synchronised across networked computers.
Has the ability to request, create and apply patch files to enable updating of outdated cache files.
Designed for use with the MiSteamSuite tools.

Provides common functionality across MiSteamSuite programs
Developer support planned for future versions


the whole suite with all tools can be downloaded here
well i feel embarressed lol
ty ur so helpful
hey why when i run MiSteam its jst light blue i cant see the words & i already downloaded .net framework
i still dnt get how 2 download games..
how do i get the required files & stuff like that?
All those files are parts of one big folder.
When you've downloaded them all you do is open:
Then extract all the files.

It'll automatically find part 2,3,4 etc until its finished extracting the files.
alright, one more noob question and ill leave you guys alone. ahaahaha

do i still need a cd key to run this? cause i was hoping that i would be recognized as a person who bought the game, so i can play on real servers and not cracked ones.
one more question how come I get that error message when I try to install a game ? only managed to download TF2 and HL2 :(
i came to a slight disappointment when i couldnt find a step by step tut on how exactly to use misteam :/ woot for randomly clicking things and just guessing on what to do :p but im sure a well put together tut would help answer alot of questions that the "newbies" are asking ;)
what do you choose when it asks for a cache folder when opening misteamprep

Also why when i select a game to subscribe to it does not appear in my libraries
Well i got tropico 3, so how do i use this? theres no read me or anything so im clueless :p. just wana know how to get tropico 3 working. i downloaded it and put it into the steamapps common, when i run it steam servers are to bussy... so is there any step by step thing like nitestalkr was talking about? thanks :)
I CANNOT get misteamprep to detect my GCF files for HL2, HL2 Deathmatch and HL2 Episode 2 no matter what I try on my offline pc.

hi, will it allow me to cancel my portal 2 update,its 10gigs,& my internet is expenceive,about $50 au for 4gigs,fucked up aya
CD Key authentication invalid for internet servers
i get this when i use misteamprep on source games how do i fix this?

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