Nation Red Update Released

Updates to Nation Red have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

New Features

  • Steam Cloud! Your profiles, mission data and custom settings are now all saved to Cloud
  • Added newly requested achievements
  • Removed 'Unlock Weapons' perk, instead weapons are now classed from melee, handguns, SMG, etc. to Heavy Weapons. Each class will unlock automatically after a set timeframe with a small amount of random unlocking
  • Further balanced the score system; you'll be able to score higher with more XP per kill but this is counter-balanced by an increase in Xp needed to level up every time. Seems to work well and you will easily be able to shake up the leaderboards
  • Melee weapon attacks are faster (so it feels like less lag between your mouse action and the on-screen result)
  • Portuguese version added
  • Fixed graphic glitch in Mission 4
  • Fixed freezing after selecting 10 perks in Strategic Mode
  • More bosses appear later on in Free Play games
  • Fixed 'Heavy Weapon' perk issue with one particular weapon
  • Remove all Sentry-Gun and Ghost related perks when Lone Wolf Perk is selected
  • Bind Mission Stars to profiles
  • Fixed bug where difficulty slider doesn't show up. This allows you to play for Mission Stars in easy/hard mode instead of the current 'default mode'Crawling zombies will appear in Free Play