need help! with everything!


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ok so whenever i try to open steam or undead, it says it cant find steam.ddl, which i do have. I tried to reinstall, but that did nothing, because when i press run, it says that its not a valid windows installer package
hmmm so ur saying u reinstalled or that u cant reinstall because windows wont let u and if so did u try deleting the steam.dll
Uninstall it, restart your computer, then delete the whole steam directory. If you have either profiles or GCF files that you've downloaded/made, back them up too. Reinstall steam, then try the undead patch. If that doesn't work, try installing steam to a different directory and see if that's any better.
if he can't delete the dll then he won't be able to delete the folder. Start your PC in safe mode and then you should be able to delete it
If you want to try and uninstall it properly, try a program called "Your uninstaller" and also download a program called Crap Cleaner. Try using both of them to uninstall it. If that fails, then do safe mode. Just go Run -> msconfig -> boot.ini then tick "/safeboot" and restart. Then when you're done, untick "/safeboot" and restart again :)