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Discussion in 'The Chat' started by Lowdown777, May 12, 2010.

  1. Lowdown777

    Lowdown777 FS Member RESPECT ECHO419&WW3

    Here it is.

    It is my first custom avatar and sig. I would like to know how to make the Final Fantasy title blend in a little more.



  2. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    looks pretty good. i think u should have some sort of background behind the weapon one though. and the modern warfare 2 is kindof hard to read.
  3. Lowdown777

    Lowdown777 FS Member RESPECT ECHO419&WW3


    But if someone were to render them for me I could edit them easily. Well, maybe not, I've never edited a Gif before.
  4. psuchris

    psuchris FS Member

    OH sorry i see now. yeah i have no idea how to do that :D
  5. Charge

    Charge New Member

    You should give the Final Fantasy title a little transparency. Makes it blend in better. :)

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