Newb help please?


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I hate to ask this ive been looking everywhere but...basicly heres the deal...I downloaded Tf2 for a site and ive tried everything to set it up so I can play cracked servers...with the Base I can see the cracked servers but now after Ive patched to which is what seems to be the norm for the servers I cant see them, and when I use the console to connect to the ip, It says I need steam beta open to do that...can someone give me some help or maybe point me towards an Indepth guide for retarded folks like myself?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: if there is already a post of some number of posts like this im sorry...I looked but only half heartedly and also...if you DO responsed know that I may ask alot of questions, as I said im not to learned in this field


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Steam open beta, if you're not using steam then it's impossible, seeing as the steam open beta is only usable through the steam client itself, Have you tried Steamup or something?? Did you torrent this?