pacman steam

This is a steam that it has gfc's from 2010 ,for some games ul need to pres the instal buton 2 times [dont wory if it says pacman steam mayby wont be able to download this the first time u click instal ...

note:so as this steam [pacman steam] has auto upgrade it would proboly get gfc s later also]

anyways download pacman steam here
Code: 6 2 0 7 7 4 ? r = 2 5 6 3
[without spaces] sory if i would hwae to create the link difrent ...
when it finishes instal it to D://program files
so ul hawe plenty space for games now click auto upgrade it blab about canot connect but itl work u just click there yes and check and upgrade to the 1.05 version [or higher if this topic stays aliwe and the pacman steam by then ur viewing this ]

now make a new account [dont use ur normal steam one] login and enjoy