Pics in sigs

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Avatars & Picture Signatures are restricted. Only for danators/respected/mods/admins.
Yep Avatars restricted too.
You cant have Avatars and put Pictures in Signature, but u can put a image in your profile.
So >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> W H Y <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< are they restricted?

1) they are reserved only for donators/respected and mods and shit as a ensentive

2) your not allowed referal links and you seem to have one in your Sig. I thought i would tell you know rather then you get warned by a Mod/Admin
Ok, link removed. How much do you need to donate to get a pic? And whats wrong with a link? :confused:
I made my sig, and I will allow avatars, but not signatures. As people put up bad images, links, etc. End of discussion.

Note: Avatars allowed for FS Members, meaning people w/ posts.
Not open for further replies.