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Discussion in 'The Marketplace!' started by EriX920, April 26, 2010.

  1. EriX920

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    I am going to sell my app, Quickbreak to anyone who is interested. This app is capable of generating accounts list straight from the steam community page so there will always be new accounts available to brute.

    This app works by using a common phrase such as "password" and tries to login to the account. If the password works, it adds it to the cracked accounts list. This is suprisingly effective because a high percentage of people use these common passwords. The app also allows you to load password files, if a password is successful in this list, it will then continue to the next account.

    The price for this app will be as follows:
    $25 for a 2 month license, locked to a hardwareid, encrypted.
    $60 for a 6 month license, locked to a hardwareid, encrypted.
    $150 for an unlimited license, locked to hardwareid, encrypted.
    $300 for the source code (VB.NET), no encryption, you will be able to resell the application and make any changes to it.
    $10 for additional features.

    PM me if you are at all interested, I will provide any information you request about the program.
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    you really believe this crap

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