Rays G15 Plugin Guide


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NOTE: you will need a Logitech g15 keyboard for this to work

Ok some of you may of seen the vid on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCHAj1vPiCk

and are now wondering how the SHIZZLE DIZZLE can i get that.
Well, you need Winamp wich can be downloaded free here http://www.winamp.com/

then youll need to grab the plugin found here (this plugin can be very hard to find a dl link)

once you got that just extract the .dll file to (deafualt installation location) C:/ProgramFiles/Winamp/Plugins

now start up winamp get your music into a play list, then start grooving

now you would of noticed only your M buttons are flashing, easily fixed by pressing the 4th lcd button (farest right) you will see the settings menu apear, heres a tricky part, hold down both left and right CTRL and use the volume dial to scroll through the options, while you have both CTRL held down 2 new option will apear at the bottom of the list, the one you want to turn on (by pressing the play/puase button) is "Backlight VU Led"

once that is done you shoudl be right, all you have to do now is fine tune it to your tastes

ALSO!! NOTE: that using this plugin may disable and play around with the ability to use the M buttons!!
the plugin and the video on youtube is not mine
happy moddin!

*EDIT* a few type o fixes 'n' stuff
Nice plugin but i am to lazy to install my software for my G15 also... every other bit of logitech software that i have installed has fucked my comp in some way >.>
iTunes ftl i dont think this plugin does but there might be another one or something like that... my G15 has a greenish glow i bet u cant buy one like that
Why did you take as titel Rays? :O Its not mine :eek:
Well I maybe buy soon the Logitech G15 :=) Its nice
That is pretty cool with the buttons ...
but unfortunately, I do not own a G15 -.-

TheOne Wants To Have one ^^

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