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AVSMP (Anti-Valve Steam Memory Patcher)
AVSMP will not patch any file, instead it patch the memory and allow you update the steam client.

Why Patch the memory?
It gives 2 advantages, one is stated above and another one it is easy.
Easy: The codespace to replace in the real file is limited, while making separated .dll will give us unlimited length of code to write. It is possible to patch the real file and increased the file size, but it is not an easy task, The address table inside the file need to be changed. The code jump and offset need to calculate and other problems.

AVSMP Features:
Show all games/tools in steam
Filter ValveTestApps
Steam Minidump Creation disabled
Serverbrowser in Left 4 Dead
Steam is not asking you for your password
Multiwinia start in "Accepted" mode
No CD-Key needed to play Doom3
Create lobby in: MW2
Force Offline Mode (AVSMP.ini)
Steam Validation rejected is removed (source engine games only)
Failed to contact key server is removed
Can be used to host cracked servers

Copy AVSMP.dll and AVSMP.ini to your steam folder, Edit AVSMP.ini as you like and start Steam with AVSMP.exe

AVSMP Change Log:
Version 2.4
Fixed SteamLaunchApp, parameters problem reported by neoxite
L4D2 no longer starts with any parameters
Failed to contact key server is now removed again (Thanks shmelle :D )
Now it is possible to host cracked servers with AVSMP :D
AVP appid is now changed to 18800
Fixed crash with lobby patch

AVSMP Change Log:
Version 2.4.1
Fixed dedicated server crash

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