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Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by Nick_Twisp, November 3, 2008.

  1. Nick_Twisp

    Nick_Twisp New Member

    can someone please post me the whole code/content of REV.INI file so I can create it. so open the file and copy paste everything here... i don't have that file but it's required to play the games
  2. mrkex

    mrkex FS Member

    You either don't have rev.ini file included in the same directory where Steam.dll is, or "SteamDll" parameter in rev.ini is not set.

    Open rev.ini and uncomment \ add "SteamDll" value to point to your original Steam.dll.
    create it where steam.dll is, and add this to it:


    where {path_to_original_steam_dll} is, for example, "D:\Steam\Steam.dll"

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