Revelations 2012 Update Released

Revelations Version 12.1 Update:
-Fixed Z-clip issues that were showing up on released maps
-Fixed Skybox Fog artifacts with new fog implementation
-Fixed Hangup on Game Ending after Credits
-Fixed Wounds disappearing on ragdolls after melee kills
-Fixed Checkpoints not giving correct weapons after campaign transistions
-Fixed Rescue Huts not giving correct weapons on revive
-Fixed Huge Spawns that would occur after checkpoint restart
-Fixed Game Crashes when trying to spawn non-Revelations Weapons
-Fixed Bots not moving out of Kulkulkan poison attacks
-Fixed Story Intros not playing on campaign transistions
-Fixed Infinite ammo secondary fire bug
-Fixed Energy Gun particle artifacts reported on older pcs
-Fixed Vixen Staff not removing itself after Vixen Death
-Fixed Keybinds that were reported not working with the new Gun system
-Added New Powerups Berserk and Haste to Campaign maps
-Added New Secondary Blast Attack