Source Filmmaker Released

Source Filmmaker version has been released. This update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • removed ugc/steamid filename restriction on workshop files - models/jon_smith/props/bucket.mdl is now a valid workshop model name
  • added basic filename conflict resolution on downloading workshop files
  • fixed unsubscribed from workshop item not removing files if those are the last items
  • added UI for updating workshop files (updating artwork and videos is done through the community website)

  • Scripting:
    • updated python to version 2.7.5
    • added PySide Qt bindings for Python scripts
    • improved Script Editor user interface
    • added global scripts menu

    • Misc:
      • added Add/Remove Override Materials menu item to right-click menu on models in the animationset editor
      • dragging one animationset onto another now locks all controls in one to all (non-hidden) controls in the other of the same name
      • added example playerclass scripts, to make it easier to change the player models (for recording running around as the robot scout, for example)
      • fixed bug where UI would appear to let you reorder an animationset between another animationset and its children
      • updated tf_movies scout with bodygroups that are in game, and added pack bodygroup
      • fixed studiomdl bug when compiling helper bones with or in the vrd
        • added latest Team Fortress 2 content