Spiral Knights Updated

Dash and Bash through the Clockworks!
In order to help combat the ever-growing threat within the Clockworks, all Knights can now use two powerful abilities: the evasive dash and the stunning shield bash! Both abilities have default mappings in each control scheme or can be set in Custom Controls.

The dash provides a burst of speed and limited invulnerability, allowing a knight to evade the damage caused by enemy attacks but not damage from hazards and traps. After performing a dash, there is a cooldown that must be endured before it can be performed again. This cooldown can be seen just above the quickslot bar when a dash is performed.

A knight dashes in the direction the knight is currently moving, or if standing still, the direction the knight is facing.

Shield Bash
The shield bash is used to rush one or more enemies, doing a small amount of damage, knocking them back and stunning them for a limited time. A shield bash requires a shield with full power to perform. Additionally, after performing a shield bash, your shield is drained of some of its power.

A shield bash is always executed in the direction you are facing.

- The Recon Cloak can now take multiple hits before breaking, much like the Guardian and Striker class abilities.
- Dash can be used in Lockdown, but not in Blast Network
- Shield Bash cannot be used in either Lockdown or Blast Network

Updated Item Pills and Icons
As part of the continuing push to improve the visuals of Spiral Knights, item pills and icons have been updated to show much more detail.

Other Changes
- The weapon selector wheel can now be disabled in Preferences
- Modifier keys can now be bound to keyboard, mouse, or gamepads. These can used as regular buttons.
- Updated/changed various minimap icons for vendors

- Recons once again fade-out/fade-in when going invisible
- Moved the Timer so it no longer overlaps with the shield bar
- Razwog's health bar now correctly displays