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First Name:That's not needed to know in public. Admin/Owner can get my name if needed.
Age: Not needed to know either, Except Admin/Owners can get that info.
Position Requesting:Moderator/Admin
Reason for wanting position:I Would get this dead site a live. I got skills and I can do it unlike most of people in here.
Qualifications:Other Staff members are active also. If there's only one active guy it would be hard as fuck.
I agree to EULA: sure thing

Also as notify I am administrator of x (only working cracked steam)
And I got skills in coding etc. I may be a small guy but I can do everything bigger.


FS Owner
Denied for 2 reasons.

#1 What you first did when you signed up here. We don't need staff who don't even read the forum rules.
#2 Not answering the questions will get you nowhere.

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