Stargate Resistance Update Released

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    Patch notes


    Announcing NEW character models! High detail character models are being introduced for Stargate Resistance starting with the SGC Soldier and System Lord Jaffa. These models will replace the default models and also include unlockable variations. Show your prowess in game and be rewarded with Spec Ops BDUs or an animated helmet of Anubis!

    -TDM-Amarna has been renamed to Amarna-Temple.
    -Servers that cannot be joined due to full games or potential imbalance will now be grayed out in the serverlist rather than completely hidden.

    -Added "In the Service of Ra" (100 Soldier kills and the DisSecu rank as a Jaffa)
    -Added "Spec Ops: Permission Granted" (100 Jaffa kills and the Second Lieutenant rank as a Soldier)

    -The default Soldier model has been replaced by the Standard BDU [Olive].
    -The default Jaffa model has been replaced by the Jaffa Guard Armor.
    -A new Soldier outfit : Spec Ops [Black] can now be unlocked.
    -A new Jaffa outfit : Anubis Guard Armor can now be unlocked.
    -While wearing the Anubis Guard Armor, the "F" key will open and close the helmet.

    -Global chat text will now show the team color for the username and be white for the rest of the message.
    -Team chat text will now show the team color for the username and use the previous teamsay colors for the rest of the message.

    -All weapons have had their firing code adjusted for better performance.
    -A few weapons have had their recoil animations tweaked.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed a crash that was being caused when changing video settings to high.
    -Fixed a bug that was kicking players at a round reset due to players leaving the opposing team.

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